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Ah, this was fun to create even though it’s a pretty silly thing XD (and took a while to make…well human derek did lol)
Made the sprites from scratch (also referencing pkmn gsc trainer/pkmn sprites to make them a little less wonky XD;)
I conveniently had the dialogue boxes because I had screenshots of when Derek my Dragonair was evolving in pkmn crystal, so… yay

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You show me werewolves, kanimas, wendigos, and I’m like, a-okay, no problemo, I can believe this. 

But you show me Braeden wearing her bra and Derek wearing his tight pants to sleep and that just breaks my suspension of belief. Who wears lacy bras to sleep?? Do you know of any girls who wouldn’t fling off their bra the moment they’re heading to bed? And which guy would wear jeans or tight pants to bed????? C’MON, TEEN WOLF. SOME BOOBS AND MAN ASS WOULD MAKE THIS SHOW MORE BELIEVABLE OKAY?

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"I’m such a baseball guy over everything else. Even when they’re not playing for the six months out of the year, it’s all I pay attention to and it’s all I care about. My Mets are insanely precious to me. I watch every single game. Even if I get home at 2 AM, I will put on the game. It’s crazy."

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Roadtrip AU in which everyone knows Derek sucks at taking pictures except accidentally he kinda doesn’t and also their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they have to wait for it to get repaired, because I need more practice with everything and to learn to put up more stuff?

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I promised more Spidey Stiles like a decade ago, so here it finally is

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4x01 // 4x12

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Dylan O’Brien on set of Teen Wolf Season 3B.

Dylan O’Brien on set of Teen Wolf Season 3B.

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